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Business insurance

We offer quality and tailored security packages for both start-ups and established companies. Since there are almost an infinite number of industries and types of companies, it can be difficult to know which one suits you and your vision. Therefore, we can adapt the type of insurance according to the industry you work in and according to the services you offer. In this way, we can start from your needs and find the solutions you are looking for. So regardless of whether you are a farm, a workshop, shop, delivery company or an association, we have a qualitative and suitable offer for you. We work hard to be able to provide the best possible customer experience for all companies. So contact us for more information as we can find out together how we can help you and your business.

Vehicle insurance

Having your car insured is a must according to Swedish law, therefore it is important to choose an insurance that best suits your needs and your vehicle. Having a comprehensive security package once the accident has occurred greatly simplifies and provides support after something has happened. Small damages such as incorrect refuelling, lost keys and damage to the interior are not always included in basic car insurance. Therefore, together we can find out what exactly your insurance should cover and how much protection you need for your car. Then, in addition to the car, there are many other vehicles that you would like to have insured. We can help you find out what you would like to insure and tailor a security package for you and your vehicles. Please contact us for more information and for a suggestion on how to feel safe in traffic.

Personal insurance

Regardless of what is going on in life, we want to help you feel safe and know that there is support, help and advice available. Are you perhaps going to have an addition to the family and are in need of pregnancy insurance? Or are you looking for a suitable children’s insurance afterwards, as growing up and childhood often contain scrapes after all the play and mischief. Our experts can offer a comprehensive security package completely adapted to your needs so that you parents can relax and enjoy the time together.
In addition to that, we also offer more types of personal insurance such as Health insurance, accident insurance, senior insurance, mortgage protection, student insurance and life insurance. So that you always have a safety net to fall back on in the event of an accident. We at IDÉ banken försäkring work hard to be able to give you the best kind of help regardless of what stage of life you are in. So contact us for a personal conversation where we and our experts can find out how best we can help you and which security package suits you or your loved ones best.

Home insurance

Do you live in a villa, rental property or condominium, or perhaps have a farm or holiday home?
Regardless of what your housing situation may look like, we all need stable and safe insurance. So even if the accident were to happen, there is still help and support to be had. Since we all also live differently, contact with us is important. Because then we can find out exactly which security package would suit you best. We also have several additional choices in case someone or a few in the family are going out on a trip. Or if you own land, a boat or want to insure a valuable item. We can adapt our security packages to your needs. We at IDÉ banken försäkring and our employees will be able to find the right agreement for you and your accommodation. So contact us and we can find out how we can help make you feel even more secure at home.

Pet insurance

As a pet owner, of course you want your beloved animals to receive the best possible care. Especially if your animal suffers from illness or injury. This can mean extensive expenses when visiting the vet. Therefore, both you and your pet deserve safe insurance. So that you feel good in the end in the event of an accident. We offer security packages for most imaginable pets, but have special insurances for the most common ones. So dog, cat and horse. There are also security solutions for flocks and litters. Do you have a pet that you want to insure or are thinking of buying one (or more)? Contact us for tips and advice, and we will help you find the best solution for you.